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How to Purchase Art

1. Please locate a staff member when you see an artwork that you want to buy. Only staff and the artists are allowed to handle artwork.
2. The staff member will uplift the artwork and carry it to the sales desk for you to complete the purchase.
3. If you require your artwork to be wrapped, a staff member will carry it to the Wrapping Room to be professionally wrapped.
4. Once purchased you can take your artwork with you or we can arrange to have it couriered to an address of your choice (shipping fees apply).


Artwork can be temporarily held in the Wrapping Room while you continue to view the exhibition.


  • The Christchurch Art Show is a revolving ‘Cash and Carry’ exhibition. Each artwork is replaced as it sells and moves on with the buyer. This means that the exhibition is being constantly refreshed.

  • Artwork (excluding heavy sculptures) leaves the building with the buyer. Once the sale has been processed, ownership and responsibility for insurance passes to the new owner. (We recommend locking unattended artwork in your car.)

  • DO NOT handle or touch exhibition artwork before purchasing – please ask one of our friendly staff members to assist you. Our assistants wear distinctive black t-shirts bearing the official ‘ART FOR EVERYONE’ slogan. They are trained to safely uplift and deliver your artwork to the sales desk for processing.

  • Participating artists are present over the two day exhibition and are keen to discuss their art and creative processes with you.

  • Your entry ticket entitles you to multiple entries on the same day.

  • Please DO NOT photograph artwork.


Are you looking for that perfect piece of art, but can’t find it?

Commission an Art Show artist to create an artwork exclusively for you!

Secure your commission today with a 10% deposit and we will deliver your artwork freight-free within NZ.

Commission forms are available at the sales desk.

Want MORE art after the show? 


Come and visit The Art Shop, Christchurch's newest art destination. Open daily at 210 Armagh Street, from 10-5pm (Fridays until 7pm).


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